Lamb grill and Porridge & bread

Our lunch during our “Day out in desert” was a nice three course meal:

1. Appetizer – Lamb grill over coal

2. Main course – bread with porridge

3. Dessert – Mauritanian tee is sweet enough to doubles as a dessert

And here is the recipe for the grill, porridge and bread. For the Mauritanian tee I will dedicate a separate post.

Course-1 Grill:

After the Lamb is prepared, the pieces were separated for grill and porridge. The grill pieces were the legs and shoulder. Remember we dont have big knife to cut the bones, so the size of the bone was the size we could get to. Now this grill is pretty simple, we used salt-stone to salt the meat, and what else, throw in the fire. There you have the best grill – smokey.

Note: The fire was kindled on a heap of sand, using the dry twigs – The reason I mention this, you will know shortly when you read about the bread.

Course-2 Bread with Porridge

Preparation of the porridge must begin along with the grill, as the meat will take longer to cook.


The rest of the pieces go into a pot with water and salt and cooked till the meat is tender. The baked bread is crumbled into small pieces and mixed with the porridge. That makes for the healthy meal.


Here are the steps.
1. Flour with water
2. Make it into a nice smooth dough
3. Clear off the ashes till you get to the sand
4. Make the kinda small pit in the sand
5. Lay a piece of wet paper (the paper is only there to protect the dough from the sand)
6. Spread the dough in flat and lay on the wet paper
7. Cover it up with another piece of wet paper
8. Push back the sand and ashes over the paper
9. Leave for a good 15-20 mins
10. Clear off the ashes and sand to recover your bread
11. Now remove the paper which is now dry, if it sticks to the bread wet the paper again to remove it
12. Remove the big pieces and spread them over a plate
13. Crush the bread into the porridge and spread the crumbled bread with the porridge over the meat pieces

That is the the recipe for self made bread in a self made oven in the middle of a desert.


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