Change of base – from the calm and quite of Paderborn, Germany we have moved to glitz and glitter of London. The reasons for the move are a challenging job among others.

Having done the move, the obligatory sightseeing, and here are some of the pics from our day out in London.


Paderborn Street Arts

Camel Herd in Sahara

Desert and camels – where there is no surprise in that. But what was surprising to me was how the herd was taken along in the caravan and how they were managed.

During the day the herd grazes along what ever green is available and share the oasis with the other animals. During the night the camels are collected (well actually forced) to stay at a place. The way the camels are prevented from wandering away is by tying one leg of the camel at the knee – this would prevent the camel from straying away from the herd – Well small trick with a small piece of rope and you have the camel completely at your control.

Now, we were lucky enough to observe one such resting ritual for the night. This also gave us the opportunity to milk the camel. Wiki say some thing about the camel milk -but I can say from my experience – it tastes wonderful, very much unlike the cow/sheep milk. What amazed me what that we could dring it straight after milking the camel – directly from the pot collected.

Check out the video which we managed during out PAD-NKC trip.

Mauritanian Tea – Atai

Mauritanian Tee – is not just a beverage but has an entire tradition attached to it. As a guest you are served three times. Each glass of tee that is served is prepared from scratch, i.e. fresh tee, water, mint and lots of sugar.

Qualities: Sweet, foamy, less, 3 glasses as tradition, wait between serves

I think the video explains better than words.